[PAID / FULL TIME] - UE4 Enviro & Tech Artists

Ironbelly Studios is currently hiring a full-time freelance Unreal Generalist / Environment & Lighting to join our international team building, lighting and optimizing Open World Environments using UE 4.27


  • You will have responsibility for delivering the environment/set builds, lighting and configuring materials within Unreal, as well as having input into other areas such as FX. You should have a broad knowledge and experience in setting up gorgeous environments in Unreal that don’t just look great but also perform great as well.

Role and Requirements

  • 3+ Years of Professional Unreal experience with Set Design, Lighting and Material Setup
  • Having a good eye for telling stories through your environments
  • Taking a pro-active approach to technical problem-solving, including creating tools to help become more efficient at what you do
  • Managing your time efficiently to meet deadlines
  • Responding positively to, and acting on, feedback


  • We are currently operating a hybrid remote/colo working model, with core members of our team being here in Montreal while the majority of our folks working off-site. Whilst working together in close proximity is desirable, especially looking to the future, it is not currently a requirement for this role but preference will be given to applicants that are within +7 GMT to -2 GMT

Application Process

To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and links to an online showreel or portfolio to talent@ironbellystudios.com with “Unreal Artist” in the subject line.

About us

From humble beginnings Ironbelly has grown to be one of the most trusted names in the indie development space, working on over 300 projects in our 12 years of service, ranging from AAA titles such as Gotham Knights down to small mobile titles. We bring passion and experience together and look for people who put games and their creation in the center of their world.

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Bumping this as we have a new opening

Would love to apply for intern role, i dont have professional experience yet but i do use unreal engine everyday. My portfolio so far https://lvzyengine.artstation.com/

I am passionate about environment design and level design.

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Hey, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. Will go throuhg your portfolio today and reach out if it seems like a good fit

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Thank you very much, i appreciate.