[PAID] Full Time Senior Game Programmer (UE4)

Scotland based indie company currently working on a Shoot’em up.
Looking for a full time Senior Game Programmer (UE4) - a foundational hire for our studio - given the current Covid circumstances, we are open to discuss working remotely.

Send your portfolio to:


  • Participating in an iterative game design process by working closely with designers and artists.
  • Programming game mechanics and features in UE4 with Blueprints and C++
  • Developing guidelines and workflows to ensure best practices.
  • Tracking and fixing bugs


  • Strong Blueprints & C++ knowledge and math skills.
  • Minimum 5 years of game industry experience as a programmer.
  • Ability to write a robust, reliable, and efficient code.
  • Professionalism and a high work ethic.
  • Passion for games.
  • Advanced English language skills.
  • At least one previously shipped PC/console video game.
  • Design AI behaviour trees.
  • Highly efficient in UE4, strong skills in C++ and Blueprints and UE4 Source code.
  • Mostly responsible for all the coding aspects of the entire game project.
  • Other responsibilities range from helping in the development of the project pipeline and workflow (Versioning, helping the team to build a flexible and solid pipeline etc…).
  • A great problem solver and team player.
  • Experience in multiplayer and co-op titles, shooters, creating upgrade systems, implementing UI, help make sure the game is well optimised and performance is kept in check.
  • Experience with PS and Xbox development is a plus.

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Thanks for your interest. I’ve forwarded your details to the team and I’m sure someone will be in touch within the next few weeks in case they would like to discuss further. all the best.


Thanks for getting back.

I will be waiting for a positive response from your side.