[PAID] [FULL TIME] Seeking highly skilled UE4 Software Engineer

Bit Fry Game Studios is in search of a senior level Unreal 4 Engineer, ideally with the following areas of experience and strength:

  1. Strong C++, at least in the orthodox sense, if not in the modern/idiomatic sense (this distinction is less important if you can write clean and safe code).
  2. Good knowledge of the Unreal 4 engine class hierarchies.
  3. Strong understanding of Blueprints.
  4. Breadth of understanding of various subsystems in UE4, including AI, physics, input.
  5. Opinionated and clear vision of game design patterns.
  6. Detail oriented, and effective at self-direction and self-accountability.
  7. Proven commercial experience building games on UE4.

Bit Fry is an independent game studio with offices in Portsmouth, NH, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.

The company is made up of a deep bench of talent in the games industry, with former Disney, EA, MSFT, SONY, Zynga, Turbine/WB, Proletariat, Bethesda, Take 2, Sphero, and many others.

We are hard at work on a AAA-IP backed and groundbreaking console gaming platform, with marquee investors and publishing/distribution partners.

We offer competitive pay, strong benefits package, and stock options.

Location isn’t a restrictive factor, however being in the Boston, NY, or LA adrea would be a plus.


My name is Arjun Rao and I’m an experienced software and game developer with thousands of hours developing in Unreal Engine 4. I live in Boston and am actively involved in the local game dev and Unreal Engine community. My indie studio, Blue Drop Games, shipped our first game, B.C.E., one month ago. B.C.E. is a fully-featured online/local multiplayer party/fighting game where players play as cavemen. You can find it on Steam here:

A quick overview of my qualifications:

  • graduated cume laude (it censored the correct spelling) from Norheastern University with a degree in Computer Science & Game Design
  • full-stack software development experience including database/api design & development
  • low-level experience with operating systems and network programming (file systems, socket programming, CDNs, etc)
  • experienced in writing clean, efficient code
  • highly passionate and driven to create
  • familiar with all aspects of Unreal Engine 4 (blueprint, animgraph, physics, audio, materials, AI, etc)
  • experience with business development, PR, and marketing in games


I live in Boston, am available for work immediately, and you can contact me at (805) 603-8729 or [EMAIL=“”] any time.

Thanks, I sent you an email, apologies for the delayed reply.