[PAID] [FULL TIME] [REMOTE/ON-SITE] UE C++ devs, join us!


Our Estonian studio Gamecan is growing fast (from 8 to 30+ people in a year) and we’re looking for MORE Unreal Engine C++ programmers with at least 1 year of experience. Work on a selection of games from originals to client projects, across many genres!

The candidate must be able to write clear code that’s concise with pre-determined architecture and have passion to create and grow something great with awesome people.


  • Work with Gamecan’s internal framework built on top of Unreal Engine

  • Help artists, designers and interns with any issues inside Unreal Engine

  • Work well with other engineers, artists, and designers specifically in the areas of the developer’s experience

  • Accurately estimate schedules and deliver high quality work products to that schedule


  • Strong UE4 and C++ technical design and coding experience

  • Strong knowledge of Unreal Engine’s gameplay framework flow

  • Strong knowledge of Unreal Engine’s multiplayer framework

  • Experience writing code that balances performance and maintainability

  • Enjoys jumping into different systems, tackling everything from entire systems to random tasks

  • Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability

  • Excellent organization and time management skills

  • Good oral and written communication skills in english

  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code that adheres to a well-documented coding standard

  • Perforce, Git and SVN

  • Advanced debugging (Hardware pointers, memory inspections, code injection, etc.)

  • Steam Integration

  • UMG


  • Console development experience

  • Unreal Engine’s internal Online Subsystems familiarity

  • Epic Online Services experience

Experience on at least one released multiplayer game is required.

Why work in Gamecan?

:dart: The office is in a new development right in the center of Pärnu, providing a comfortable work environment. In December, we’re moving into an even better one!

:dart: 1Gbit/s internet speed!

:dart: We are crazy about taking time off with new and old video games, a day at the spa, sauna or the beach (yes, Pärnu has a kickass beach!). A rested developer is a productive developer!

:dart: The air conditioning is sooooo :snowflake: good.

:dart: The living costs in Pärnu are very low. Even the most expensive apartments in the center have their rent around 400-500€ per month. A 2-bedroom flat 10min from the office is around 300€ per month.

:dart: The living environment is probably one of the best in the region. Check it out yourself:

:dart: We work in a nurturing company culture where personal growth is highly valued. Your professional skills will also get buffed at the speed of light :fire:

:dart: We deal with the relocation and make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter my way: