[Paid][Full-time][Long-term] UE4 C++ Network Engineer - Souls-like/Multiplayer/Server-side - REMOTE

Hey there,

We are a small remote studio that is working on a souls-like multiplayer server-side game, heavily focused on a melee combat system. We have been prototyping for quite a while, and now that we want to start production, we want to leave everything aside and build a scaleable server-side melee combat system.

We are looking for an awesome individual that is not just a good network programmer and wants to work on a new IP with melee combat in it, but also can work remotely and is open in working with ex-AAA industry folks on a long-term basis.


  • Strong knowledge of Networking, AI and the UE4 API
  • Experience with Perforce and JIRA
  • Experience working in a team remotely
  • Strong maths/physics knowledge
  • C++/Javascript
  • Preferably in the EU region, but not required
  • It’s a huge plus if you like Souls-Like games or melee combat games such as For Honor, but not required
  • It’s a mega plus if you worked on multiplayer melee games

We are working on a new IP, nearly AAA, we have a publisher and we are now ramping our core team. We are not interested in short-term freelancing. This is not a gig - we want an awesome developer that is up for joining a new family.

This is a full-time paid position and the recruitment process will be at least a couple of weeks long up to a month. Remote.

Our website ( is currently being reworked, but just to tell you a few things about us:

Founded in 2016, we committed to develop the next generation of emotional and fulfilling interactive experiences by working remotely, with a mindful work/life balance.
From companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, Riot Games and THQ, for more than 15 years, the talented people that are now in No Moon changed the way people play. In the process, we have learned to build experiences of recognized brands and by creating No Moon, we are trying to become one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.

We are promoting No Moon as a democratic workplace as a key part in the transition to a better economic system in which the value of the employee is equal with the compensation, as well as taking part in making decisions company-wide.

Nobody is overseighting on you. All of us we are working with an enclosed group of people on our projects, that are isolated from other projects. There are a bunch of dependencies across people in the team. The other way of looking at this system is that everyone is doing oversight on everyone, every time. Everyone knows what everybody is doing in a team. If you want to challenge a decision or want to debate, we are all free to do so. I personally feel a lot of value in trying to challenge what I think to try to satisfy our players.

If someone will say “Why did you do that?” - this is a really friendly question - which means that I actually care enough about what you are doing and I am curious about your decision making process and I might have something to contribute. As opposed to “I am challenging your authority to make that decision and I am questioning the output of your process”.
This is probably the most hard thing to understand and embrace in the No Moon ecosystem.

If you are interested in this position, please contact me at francisc[at]