[PAID] Full-stack game prototyping and development


  • Blueprint Programming
  • 3D modeling & animation
  • Environment design / texturing
  • Sound design
  • Trailer creation / video editing
  • (Miscellaneous) Graphic & UI design, web design, music production, script writing (English)

Previous work:

My portfolio site can be seen here:

My most notable recent (1-man team) project trailer:


Additional Information:

Whilst I work in all areas, I specialize in fast / efficient prototyping. Ideal if you want to get your game idea testable with minimal cost/time, and want to avoid hiring 5 different people to work on individual areas. I have an understanding of most types of development, but if you need something I’m not familiar with, I will point you in the right direction.

I can take ideas from a concept to a working prototype very quickly, and if you require further work/refinement I can do that also (or you can take my prototype to a specialist to continue production if you have the budget for that).

This is a solution best suited to someone in an early phase of development, who are eager to get a working prototype ready to test, or to show other developers (or even a crowdfunding campaign) to project your idea. Primarily for people who do not have a huge budget to hire a full team of designers/developers. The development work will be high quality in all areas, but I do not claim that it will be the top AAA quality - likewise the pricing will reflect this. In some cases I could create a full game prototype for $250 - $500 for a basic implementation. If focus is needed in certain areas, and your game *relies *on specific complex tasks, then the price may be higher. But we can discuss the best approach, and the priorities for the project to make sure that the time (and money) is spent in the most efficient way.

Had a great response since posting this last year, worked on a variety of projects (including game design, archvis, animation and 3d design).

Most of these recent client projects are completed, so I’m looking for more work.

Get in touch:

And we can discuss what I can do to help, no commitment / contract necessary (I will sign NDAs if required), so come have a chat and see if we can work together. Will also give free advice if you’re not sure what direction to take (if you even need to hire outside help).