[PAID] Freelance UE4 developer wanted for realistic runtime terrain deformation

Edit: this position has been filled


Project Title:
Interactive realistic terrain deformation

This is a several-week project to help implement interactive deformation of realistic looking mountain terrains at runtime in Unreal Engine 4.
That means defining a workflow that works to achieve this (e.g. are height maps generated separately and imported or not, how is a procedural mesh generated from that, do we use voxels, how to best apply high definition textures, …)
The end goal is to arrive at a kind of “scaffolding” that can be built on further.

This will be a collaborative effort, so Western European timezone is preferred.

Team Name:
Random Studio

Team Structure**:**
Client tech lead
[Open developer / blueprint scripting position]

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer / Blueprint Scripting