[Paid] Freelance Orchestral Composer


If you are looking for a soundtrack for your Cinematic / Trailer / Video Game I am always willing to help

  • I specialize in writing contemporary orchestral score, however it doesn’t stops me from experiments or writing other genres of music.
  • I’m finding passion in native instruments, therefore if you have some RPG game under your sleeve, take it out and present it to me. I know we could bring even more life to it!
  • I can rearrange musical themes - If you have an original theme that need a proper timed Cue or orchestration, I can take care of it.
  • I also do basic Mixes and Masters.

My Reel

I also do fun after-hours projects: Gothic Playable Teaser Re-score ENG [Fun Project] - YouTube

My prices are negotiable however they are stand around $35 - $200 per minute of music. (depending on complexity and number of channels / instruments.

Feel Free to ask questions! I’m always eager to help :slight_smile: