[PAID] Fluid pour effects for Wrench

I’m looking to hire someone to put together a fluid pouring effect I can use on various petroleum products (motor oil, brake fluid, gear oils…) This will be in Unreal 4 running in both VR and on a regular display.

This is for a VR game about working on cars:

*Overview of what I am looking for:

*Vertex animation mesh that conforms to a spline in unreal

*spline arc changes with bottle/source angle

*an input to control flow so that the effect can be tapered out as the bottle runs empty

*Animations for the fluid starting flow out of the bottle and ending flow.

*A few basic shader controls to get different fluid appearances.

*When the arc hits a collision surface, a generic splash effect tied into the same materials properties needs to be spawned.

I’m open to alternative ways to accomplish the effect but it needs to be something higher fidelity that pouring particles. The The player needs to be able to handle bottles of fluids and the pour effect can’t be a visual let down:

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