[Paid]Experienced UE4 C++ Programmer


Very affordable and fast UE C++ / Blueprint programmer here.

I’ve experience of 3 years of Unreal engine game programming on both UE4 and UE3 and I also know how to collaborate with the team remotely using perforce , git and svn for version control.

My main works are on:

1. Aquanox: Deep Descent with** Digital Arrow **published under THQ nordic

Aquanox: Deep Descent

2. H****eroes of the west , A full new expansion Mod for Red orchestra 2 from **Tripwire Interactive **situated at Roswell,Georgia USA

I was the Team Leader for the mod and we** released it in March 2016 on Steam**]( followed with multiple updates

Heroes of the west
Additional Videos Related to the Mod

**New Demo Reel **

[SIZE=14px]Dynamic Character Gravity System]([/SIZE]

Android motion sensing (Network and multi threading)

Older demo reel

Seperate Video of the works


  • I am Very familiar with multiplayer networking and gameplay mechanics programming either in c++ or Blueprint scripting

  • I can also integrate Third party libraries/DLL , Develop UE4 plugins and Customize engine code where feasible

  • I’ve worked with third party hardware and SDK such as Microsoft Kinect

  • Worked and well versed with 2D games in Ue4 using Paper2D

  • I can also work with VR games and applications and I own an HTC Vive VR system for development and testing with VR

  • Being experienced in Digital Electronics and circuit design using Microncontrollers (AVR) , Raspberry pi etc I can also design medium complexity hardware.

  • In the end I can mix and match together all of the three UE4,Android and MCU/sensors for virtual automation and control etc.

You can see my latest resume here or in this post’s attachments and visit my linked in

Majority of my work revolves around creating Gameplay systems and mechanics such as Character movement, Multiplayer networking, Animation graphs, Physics and UMG but I also keep learning on rest of the systems like AI and Materials.

Over time I’ve worked in projects of various genre such as First person Shooters, Ship/vehicle combat, melee combat , 2D fighting ,Arcade and Puzzle

I also like doing challenging tasks that requires to find innovative solutions by extending existing gameplay systems and components working closely with engine code and not afraid to look inside its hood to understand it and better implement the gameplay system or any task at hand.

In addition I also enjoy extending the game features to add integration for various third party software libraries or hardware, like integrating backends ,extending Network subsystems, using third party libraries to process and export data from engine as well as creating plugins for such functions.

I can also do general programming and tools development in Java and C++, which allows me to create supporting external applications for UE4 projects such as custom application interface to put data into backend, adding extra api calls for android projects.

I have also woked with embedded digital electronics for quite such time such as AVR MCUs , Raspberry pi etc along with various sensors and instruments and can integrate the hardware functions with UE4 if needed.

Other Works

  • Radar Demo (CoD BF style minimap/Radar)
  • I am also well versed with Android Programming and can link it with UE4, Play store Page
  • Android application that can detect and count no of steps taken using just accelerometer.
  • Development of Panoramic imaging plugin to capture and export sphere mapped cube maps as jpegs using Free Image Open source Image manipulation Library
  • Development of 2D sound plugin pannable per ear channel
  • As a generalist I can also do some other tasks to a basic level such as modelling , material design or very basic rigging and animation, making placeholders where needed to keep the workflow going .

In case you wish to verify my work and skills you can freely reach out and Contact Tripwire Interactive or visit their forums

Working rate
Charges will vary according to the complexity of the task , but I will always clearly negotiate the charges and timespan before we start. Hence task would be fixed cost pre-negotiated where feasible.

Contact Info
if you wish to employ me please PM me or mail me at [EMAIL=“”] or skype id: Kommander_Shepard

Ue4 Paper2D demo

This is a demo presentation of a game I worked on for a client , using paper2D and C++. It is a multiplayer Role play action game

Been working with Yash for around the past 6 months and he’s been pretty efficient so far, his organizing skills in code are superb, and he’s managed to do some complex blueprint programming and C++ for our upcoming game which I can’t reveal too much about yet.

Here’s a link to a shot of our game, can’t show off any mechanics.

We’ll be revealing it soon hopefully, and you’ll get to see the level of quality in Yash’s work.

Greetings! We have just reached out to you via Skype. Looking forward to discussing things with you.


Sent you an email. :slight_smile:

Available again