[PAID] Experienced Programmer

Hey folks!

My name is Damir Halilovic and I am a Computer Science BA with 4 years of experience in software development, 1 of which is in game development (Commercially, much longer than that as a hobbyist). I’ve worked as an engineer creating Android navigation applications before quitting that job to pursue game development. Currently I am the lead engineer of a small game development studio based in Sarajevo.

The reason I am offering my services here while maintaining a day job is simple - I love what I do, I have time to spare, I believe it’ll be a fun thing to do and the experience is always useful.

I’ve spent most of my time in the Unity engine, switching to UE4 shortly after its new business model. Below I have a small summary of my specific areas of expertise that are relevant.

C++ Programming
Before taking up Unreal Engine 4 I have been doing 99% of my coding in C# and Java, but I’ve retained a solid grasp on C++ from my student days. Since I switched to UE4 full-time I have brushed up on C++ once more and I consider myself “fluid” in it these days. VAX and ReSharper help as well obviously. At the end of the day, same as with Blueprints, it’s just programming the syntax is of little importance.

Blueprint Scripting
This is a no-brainer, there hasn’t been anything so far that I don’t understand or can’t do as far as blueprints are concerned. It is after all, just programming, and I have a full understanding of game programming logic - the syntax is irrelevant.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4
Aside from stuff like Persona or Matinee, which I have only a basic understanding of (as it’s outside of my responsibilities), UE4 feels like home. I have also used most of the popular 3rd party applications that go with UE4, namely:

  1. SpeedTree
  2. World Machine
  3. Maya
  4. APEX Maya plugin
  5. ZBrush
  6. Photoshop
  7. nDo
  8. Substance Designer & Painter
  9. MARI

While I by no means consider myself a professional in any of these applications I make it a point to understand the workflows, terminology, interfaces and basic operations of each of them. Note that I DO work with people whose jobs modeling, rigging, animations etc. I am able to help you out in those fields by proxy should the need arise.

Version Control & Issue Tracking
Throughout all of my engineering career I’ve been practicing SCRUM and we used JIRA in our studio. I’ve used Git and Perforce for version control before, but if you use another solution it won’t be too difficult to adapt to it.

I believe this sums up everything you need to know about me. If there are any more questions please let me know. If you are interested in my services and would like to set up a meeting and / or inquire about my rates, please contact me at damir@zeldainformer.com or via Skype at damir.halilovic2.

Best regards,
Damir H.

Open for business once more. =)

Posting to thread to remember your services.