[PAID] Experienced Multiplayer Gameplay Developer

Status: Available

About Me

  • Over 8 years experience in UE4, C++ and BP
  • Exceptionally experienced with Characters (and CharacterMovementComponent)
  • Built many complex server-authoritative systems with client-side prediction (see below)
  • Spent 2 years on AAA level project under NDA
  • Made MoveIt!
  • Used to be a creature/character rigger in film, trained as a 3D generalist (I can write Maya python tools also)


  • Character Locomotion
    • Animation
    • CharacterMovementComponent
  • Gameplay
    • Multiplayer
    • GAS (Gameplay Abilities System)
  • Full game prototypes (I used to be a 3D artist as well)
  • Most other things, just ask

What I’m Looking For

Everything is considered, my preference will be mid to long-term contracts, akin to being employed at a remote studio. Quick jobs welcome as well.

Payment Details

  • Indie fee is $70/hr, can sometimes be quoted in advance
  • Sprint/crunch time fee is $110/hr
  • Non-indie fee is $150-210/hr decided following consultation

Payments can be made via Paypal or Wise or international wire transfer.

Note that a partial deposit is required to start any work.

Things I’m particularly good at

  • Optimizing for performance, network and CPU bandwidth in particular
  • Structure and organization, particularly important for large projects
  • Complex animation graph setup
  • Character movement - my work integrates seamlessly with existing movement systems
  • I can recreate anything from most games, whether its Mario Odyssey or BOTW or Witcher or Bioshock or BFV, as good as or better than the original. : )

Discord preferred or message me here. Messages may incur a delayed response as I get no notification.
Discord: vaei

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Videos & Images of things I’ve made

Combat System

  • Frame-rate independent hit detection to ensure registration at lower frame rates
  • GAS for net prediction / replication (server authority)
  • State machine for easy node based combo creation
  • Driven by animation curves (also frame-rate independent allowing accurate evaluation of damage / etc. at different points in the animation)


2D faces for 3D characters in UE5. Works in editor for easy creation of animations.

Loco (Locomotion System)

Note: There are many missing animations for prone / swim / dive that look erroneous (have not yet made the animations).

  • Distance matching for all movement modes
  • Swimming, diving, BOTW style climbing (not shown)
  • Prone is net synced via CMC. Uses full-body IK for sticking to surface.

This is a plugin I made, multiplayer-ready semi-procedural locomotion for UE4 :slight_smile:

Deltanian Invasion (Epic MegaJam 2019)
Won solo developer category

I’ve finished up a couple of jobs and my plugin (shown in the video above). Available for one more client over the next month.

aka Minion has helped my project immensely over the course of 2-3 months, he’s very dedicated to his work and gets the job done. He’s created IMO the best locomotion character system that’s publicly available (or will be soon). He can be a bit headstrong sometimes but you get that when it comes to higher level programmers :wink: Try him out, he’ll take care of anything you throw at him.

We’ve been using the last couple of months to help in various capacity. He is quick, knowledgeable, and very collaborative with the team. We’ve gotten so used to working with him that we treat him as a remote resource for us, which is great to have when you are half way around the world. If you need back up or an extension of your team, I highly recommend having onboard. He’s a life saver when your team is stretched and you can’t get to everything in your backlog.

ill like to speak on opportunity. i have discord and skype

You can message me on the discord tag in the Contact section

Hi , I reached out through discord. Would love to talk more with you.

I have time for 1 client now :slight_smile:

Added you on Discord and PM here.

Looking for another

I just added you as a friend on discord to DM, would like to chat about developing a networked gaming environment for an architecture school for a proof of concept.

Hi! I’m interested in your work! Is it possible that you can send me a DM? :slight_smile:

Available again. DM me on Discord instead of PMing me on here (there’s no notification).

Hey do you have any experience bringing games to steam and getting server files to work within an exsisting server providers control panel? We’re able to host server manually through remote machines but the moment we give our dedicated files to a provider and that said provider links it all up to their control panel for customers nothing happens. We’re looking for someone to come in sit down with us and our provider to work out exactly what is going on. If this is you please get back to me ASAP this issue has been a thorn in our side for too long.

An email is the best way to reach me personally as I dont frequent these forums often - joemarksmail@gmail.com

I’m the wrong guy for that job, I focus on gameplay programming :slight_smile: Cheers

Updated to clarify that only a small partial deposit is required in advance. Still have some availability, maybe one more client.

Hi , I sent you a request on Discord about a project

  • Solid

Hi , you sound like a really great fit for our project. If you are interested and have any availability in the next 6 months or so, I would love to have a chat! Sent you a friend request on Discord :slight_smile: