[Paid] Experienced Level Designer, Environment, Lighting, Vegetation Artist (Open World Games)

My name is Jhosep Chevarria, I am an experienced Level Designer, Environment, Lighting, Vegetation Artist currently looking for contract/remote work. (I’m the guy who develops AQP City)
With 5 years of experience in the industry, my objectives are to get the most beautiful and detailed graphics and environments on video games. I can work with a Team and guarantee a detailed, professional, and fast work.

My Artstation: (new projects not shown)


  • Level Design (High optimization for Open World Games and VR or Mobile Devices)
  • Environment Art
  • Lighting and Vegetation art
  • Game Design

I can discuss different rates (Hourly, Weekly or sell complete levels) and work within budgets. :cool:


Hi there!

Some great stuff you have. Just added you on Skype for a talk!

of what? Colombian Peso? :smiley: