[PAID] Experienced Animator for Melee Weapon Animations

Tentatively Closed, will update if it re-opens

Past experience tells me I will get a lot of messages from posting this so please read carefully before contacting. Messages that ignore this information will be ignored in turn :wink:

If you contact me:
* Tell me you’ve read the information document linked below
* Tell me you’ve looked at the spreadsheet linked below
* DO be an animator (I don’t have other openings)
* Do not be an outsourcing studio (individuals only)
* Let me know a rough estimate that you will charge (USD only)

This job is only suitable for an experienced character animator, you must show the work that demonstrates your ability to do a great job when you send your message.

I need a single animator to complete all animations for consistency, so it’s all or none. There are 27 animations per-weapon. There are 7 weapons. 189 animations. There is a lot of reusability where animations are repeated with slightly different entrances for blending purposes, and the heavy animations are all just variations, so its not 189 totally unique animations (not at all).

Make sure to read the document to understand how it works, there is actually only ~12 unique animations per weapon so its closer to 84 animations then variations and splitting up the air attack into 3 pieces actually make up the rest of the 189.

This job involves drafting the attack/combo animations for each weapon as well.

These animations must be built to quite rigid specifications as they heavily drive and influence gameplay, if you are going to apply please read the document and mention that you have read it, you don’t need to fully understand it until we finalize an agreement, its quite complex but you will be walked through it when you start as well.

There is no animation rig included, you will likely want to use the free and incredible software Akeytsu or your own software with a fast autorigger, if you have UE5 Manny rigged in other software then I can assist with getting the weapon hand placement bones setup. If you are using akeytsu it will be fully setup for you and ready to animate, and the learning curve purely for animation is quite fast.

Animation Information:
Here is the document with information: Isekai Weapon Animations - Google Docs

Here is the spreadsheet with animation list: Isekai Weapon Animation List - Google Sheets

Please note, there are multiple sheets contained in the spreadsheet at the bottom of the window, one for each weapon. Also note that the flail has weapon-specific animations that will be animated in tandem with it’s attack animations (other weapons do not need to be animated), these are not listed in the sheet as it would be pointless because they’re 1 to 1.


  • Payment will be via Paypal only and in USD only
  • Communication will be through Discord once the job begins, email is insufficient for this
  • Amendments may be required, you must be open to the real possibility and flexible, until the animations are in and setup not everything can always be known, as is the way with game dev

If you can successfully complete this work there is a good chance of more in the near future.