[PAID] Environment Artists, Game Designers, and Programmers needed for cat-based MMORPG

Felineage is currently looking to hire Environment Artists/Level Designers, Game Designers, and Programmers to aid in development of a tech demo of the game.

About The Game
Felineage is a game in which the player takes on the role of a cat, in a massive, expansive open world in an online environment with other players. A large aspect of the game is to live your life to the fullest- from the beginning to the end, until eventually, you die, and your soul is reincarnated as a new character. The game features a full life cycle for players- from being born as newborn kittens, to growing up into strong adults, and eventually becoming elders, until eventually, they die, to be born again in a new body. You do not play one, individual character- you play a soul, that is reborn again and again, living multiple lifetimes.

We are in need of developers who can craft the world that the player will exist in, as well as develop gameplay features such as a functioning main menu, character creation system, and actual, in-game gameplay such as character controls, interaction with the environment, and a basic multiplayer system.

Note that we are not funded yet- all payment will be coming directly out of the lead developer’s pocket, which means that we cannot afford to pay a full-time hourly rate, however we can pay for development of features on a commission-type basis.

If interested, please contact us via our email at, or contact the lead dev on Discord: Tosca#8203.

Felineage’s community Discord can also be found here, if you wish to check it out: Felineage

UPDATE: An Environment Artist has been found! Due to their pricing, however, this means our budget has been reduced for hiring other developers, which means we will be unable to hire others for high-price work at this time. Of course, we are still open to being contacted for future work, or offers for work at a bit of a lower price or even volunteer. We appreciate all interest this thread has received thus far!

However, since all of our budget comes directly from the lead dev’s pocket and we are not fully funded, we cannot afford to hire multiple people at a high price at once, unfortunately. We are still looking for the future, though!

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