[PAID] DreDey - Hard Surface 3D Artist - High Quality 3D Assets for Your Project!


My name is Andrej (Dre), I am a self-taught 3D artist with 4 years of experience, I am looking for remote work. I specialize in hard-surface modeling, I personally enjoy creating props and weapons the most, but I also love modeling other random things of all sorts. I make assets with realistic art style. I do not make characters and foliage at the moment.

During our pre-production conversation, I will ask you a handful of questions about how you wish the final result to be like, this will also be the time to provide me reference images, that you would like me to use and look at when I make the asset(s). Basically, everything of importance that I need to know will be discussed. We will do this so that I can provide you with the best possible asset(s) with minimal room for error. When we are done with the meeting and have agreed upon payment, you will transfer half of the price that we agreed upon, I will get to work when I have received the payment. Transactions happen with PayPal only.

The process:

I will keep you updated during the modeling process, and I will send screenshots of the progress whenever you wish. I will also make myself as easy to reach as possible during work, so you may be involved in the process as much, or as little as you would like to.

Once I am done modeling, I will send you a sketchfab link where you will be able to inspect the model(s) as much and as in-depth as you wish, once you’re completely satisfied with the model(s), I will begin unwrapping the model(s) and prepare for texturing.

After I have unwrapped the model(s), I will texture the model(s) with Substance Painter (PBR, Metallic-Roughness). I am capable of texturing based on the provided reference/concept images, but I am also capable of using my artistic creativity when texturing, if that is desired.

When I am done, I will send you another sketchfab link with the completed model(s), and materials applied, where you may give the materials and each texture map a very good look thanks to sketchfab’s material inspector. When you approve the finished product, you will send me the other half of the payment, and I will send you a private download link to the completed model(s).

Extra: I am capable of creating basic animations, I may provide that as well if desired.

I am looking forward to working with you, feel free to reach out!

Skype: DreDey 3D
or PM: DreDey


Andrej (Dre)

Available for work!