[PAID] Development team for racing game

Looking for a team or a very skilled individual to develop a racing game.

The requirements are as listed.

Can provide full game development from desktop to mobile on any platform and web.

5+ years using UE

Provide workflow

Work US hours

Work by the job

Available now

Please DM me for full details.


please guys change your project and make like carmageddon deatmace race armed to the teeth in a destructive race with Chaos material to break around the map 8 player map PS Xbox pc a mega car death mace like Fortnite Nazka car 50 player mega race only 1 survive you have 10 milion player in 48H

it is full of racing car games… one of meny GL… to be successful you need new stuff

nothing personal but the racing game market is truly ruthless and there are products with 5A… is very hard market

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