[PAID] Dataprep setup for Solidworks model

We’re looking for help utilizing Dataprep to import a Solidworks model into Unreal, including poly reduction, assigning materials, combining meshes, etc. This will be for a manufacturing training application. The original model is over 7m polys, and we need to get it down below 1m, along with reducing total draw calls, and other cleanup.

The ideal applicant has completed several projects utilizing Dataprep, and has some modeling and programming experience in Unreal. Bonus if experience with Solidworks or another CAD program, but that’s not a must-have.

We’re a new company but the founders have many years of experience in Unity, Unreal, modeling, and training. I anticipate that this will be 1-2 months of part time work, but could go longer as we have other projects in the pipeline.

Feel free to email or DM resumes and experience: