[PAID] Creating interactive performers for the Adult industry AR/VR

We’re working on a demo that shows interaction with a handful of 3D models interacting with the user. We’ve scanned all the performers and are now looking to bring these assets to life. To do this we are needing help in Unreal for the following items:

  • Interactivity in the eyes - looking at the user whenever they’re in any particular area of a circle around the model.
  • Hair this needs to be made dynamic. A full physics simulation would be great, but we feel that we can cheat this as well by using dynamic polygon strips.
  • Realistic skin shaders. We have 8k textures with normal maps. No specular or diffuse maps unfortunately, but we aim to get the shaders as realistic as possible.
  • Realistic body dynamics. Butt wobble and boob deformations need to be simulated for interaction. This will run of top on the mocap layers that we have captured.

Hit us up with a link to your portfolio.


Hey Adam, are you developing for the Vive, Rift, GearVR or all of the above? Cheers!

Vive and Rift only.

cool cool we emailed you last week, looking forward to chatting more this week