[Paid/Contractor] 3D animator for MMORPG game ----(ChronoCraft MMO)

Looking for 1 3D character animator(Maya experience required).

_____Our Team:
We have 2 artists, 2 modelers/riggers, 1 animator, 2 programmers, 2 sound designers.
You can see our website at:

Our development work can be seen on our Socials:
Facebook: ChronoCraft - Home | Facebook

Last March 10th we did a public stress test with our fans. Alpha launch is April 3rd 1pmEST.

______What we are looking for:
We are looking for a 2nd Animator with experience doing character animations in Maya. Rigs often allow for ample deforming, so experience with expressive/exaggerated animation is preferred.

______Brief overview:
ChronoCraft is an MMO-RPG based around time travel, some of the technical features include:

-Distributed Architecture(allows for thousands of players on one map. All out war is possible as a result)
-Player Shops(Players can own them and hire for them)
-Player Economy(Nearly everything purchased was acquired by another player)
-Party System
-Instance-able event
-Multi-branching Quests(Accompanying quest making tool)
-Player housing(Own a house and alter the interior or buy one of the few farm lands & provide produce to the towns)
-Custom Animation system(modular design)
-Fast paced Range and Melee combat
-Player Restaurants(Be the chef, the waiter, host, etc or run the restaurant yourself. Similar to running a shop. Food mechanic encourages those roleplay moments)
-Enemies/monsters with different combat attributes throughout the timeline
-Projectile system overhaul
-Overarching story-line with reoccurring characters
Etc. (Almost of all that above is either completed or mostly complete^)

_____The Animator role will be responsible for some of the following:
-Making Player, NPC, Item and Monster movement, combat, etc. animations(most animations are 0-3 secs long)
-Poses and interspersed trailer animations(2-3 sec shots approx.) (infrequent task)
-Playtesting speed, timing, attack frames, etc. ingame for your animations.
-Other as needed tasks dependent on need at the time(playtesting a feature, assisting with promotional content, etc.)

My name is Kurt, Im the Project Lead/narrative designer/level-designer. Id be happy to show you our workflow/tools/assets in real time and answer any questions you may have(pay, hiring process, work, scope, design, anything). You can also reach me on Discord at KgBro#4260 or [EMAIL=“”]

_____On payment:
Yes this is paid, its not free work for “exposure”(I know that plagues the community of creatives, being one myself)

This is a subscription model game. We have been approached by investors and declined their funds in order to keep the culture clean and increase future personal returns for each member of the team. Instead we all work full time jobs and do ChronoCraft as a second job without pay currently. The most concise payment structure is a “Conditional revenue share for continued work with an exit option”. Essentially, you get paid either way if you decide to exit prematurely, but understandably the real money is in the continued work for the subscription game.

No one gets paid until we are generating a profit after launch. The only exception is anyone on the team who leaves(or has left) before launch, we have paid them $50(not much, but its what we can afford and promise we can keep). This is because we do not accept ‘free work’ on principle. After launch we will split the profits. Our goal is for everyone to be paid above market rate. There is no limit to the pay as we will all make more as the project makes more profit, but the increase wont be 1:1 ratio due to business costs/investments like expanding the team, advertising campaigns, etc The increase in pay is to encourage the continued success of the game. When ChronoCraft generates enough profit for most of us to work on it full time as our primary job, the rate of increase of pay will differ between members on the team, with the the most tenured hires getting a higher rate of increase in pay as the project grows, but this shouldnt be a problem for the newer hires who will also continue to see their pay increase above and beyond market rate still.

There are other developers we have worked with, current and former, who would vouch for the above statements too^ and I can provide you their contact info.

We all work fulltime jobs and do ChronoCraft part-time. We have found that between 14-22 hours of work a week is enough to stay ahead of the development depending on how efficient you are. Ultimately we care most about output and quality, not hours.

Schedule is flexible. If you have a doctor’s appointment on a day when you would normally do ChronoCraft work, then you just plan your Chrono work on a different day of the week. As long as there’s no lost work, you don’t need permission to design your schedule.

-Every Tuesday at 11amEST we have an entire team meeting(Share personal life highlights and playtesting). Usually 2-3 hours of fun banter and game-breaking playtesting.
-Most Thursdays at 11amEST we have an optional join-in Idea Chat(level building, playtesting, idea generation)

____ Interested?
Email or discord me your demo reel. Emphasis on character animation.
Contact me at [EMAIL=“”] or on Discord at KgBro#4260