[PAID CONTRACT WORK] Multiplayer Game Programmer Needed


I’m looking to hire and contract a networking gameplay programmer to rapidly overhaul a prototype game that was created in UDK to the Unreal 4 engine.

**It’s a proven concept with a clear cut development cycle. **

I’d prefer to not say too much about it here and save that for when we talk over Skype, but to give some idea it’s fast multiplayer first person combat game that takes in a lot of inspiration from the speed of Quake Arena and Tribes Ascend jet packing/skiing maneuverability and Jedi powers. :confused: yet?

But in all seriousness and as mentioned, I have a proof of concept, both video and playable build.

Serious inquiries only!

Looking forward to hearing from you so please contact me via email or Skype!


email: rangeplusone()
skype: rangeplusone