[PAID/CONTRACT] Veteran game programmer seeking work

I’m currently looking for remote contracting work. If you have a funded project, and are looking for a heavy hitter to come in and do some of the hard bits, I’m your guy.

This was my most recent project:

This is a complete rebuild of the UE4 Destructible Mesh Editor. It’s currently in a Pull Request waiting for Epic attention.

I’ve been a professional programmer for 23 years, and over the last decade I’ve worked at places like Crytek, Jagex and Piranha (as well as others). Often in a lead or defacto CTO capacity. I’ve shipped games for PC, Android/iOS, XBox 360, Facebook, etc.

I’m currently in Eastern Europe, but I have a flexible schedule and a very nice internet connection.

If you think you have a project we can work together on, feel free to contact me via or Skype: Backov. I don’t check PMs on this forum very often.

I must emphasize that I am only looking for paid contract work, not any kind of equity or royalties.

Good to know… Bookmarked your info…

*“As far as I know, this will be the largest outside contribution Epic has received for UE4. So much so that it might be a problem for them. It will be interesting to see how they react.”…
So how did they react, pretty positive so far, right?

No response to pull request so far. They’re busy, getting 4.8 ready to go out the door I’d assume.