[PAID/CONTRACT] Talented LEVEL ARTIST needed to create hexagon combat map

My studio is currently producing a video game project that will be created in Unreal Engine 4 and we are looking to hire a talented level artist to create a single hexagon combat platform for our strategy RPG combat system. The asset will be used in a demo version of the game.

The asset will have a science fiction appearance. We already have several models/textures that you can use to create it, but having access to your own assets is a plus.

DISCLAIMER - Please note this project will contain explicit adult content, though the applicant will not interact with that portion of the project at all.

The contractor will be working under the supervision of the project manager and senior coder.

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • Portfolio projects that demonstrate you have already delivered finished products
  • English speaker, preferably fluent
  • Several positive references available
  • Availability to meet deadlines and consistently communicate/demonstrate progress
  • An instinct for design, both artistic and practical


Please send your resume and portfolio pieces to the following address:

Candidates will be required to interview with the project manager via Skype/Discord.

Salary is negotiable based on experience and the strength of your portfolio. NDA signature is required upon hiring.


  • Expected start date is May 1st, 2018.
  • Target platform is PC.

If you have any additional questions you are welcome to include them in your e-mail or post below.

So you’re mainly looking for someone to take a layhout you provide and then create the level in the engine and populate it with props that you provide or were you also looking for help designing the layout of the level as well as fleshing out the look/feel and mood?

yes. I’m looking for an answer to this as well

Yes, we need someone to use the layout and props we provide and create the level in the engine.