[PAID CONTRACT] Sound Designer for VR Music Game

Musical Range
Musical Range is a VR music game where the player plays music by shooting guns. Shoot, bend, and distort notes to create the best sound. Grow your creativity and explore new musical ideas as you play your favorite songs.

Rockhopper Studios
Yanira Moguel - CEO
Eugenio ‘Motanum’ Roman - Lead Developer

Previous Work:

Talent Required:

We are looking for a sound designer with experience in producing music to create the sound of a virtual instrument that a player can interact with.

The game involves playing music when you shoot at Target Notes. Each one of this notes corresponds to a musical note (We have a range from C2 up to C7). Thus, we are looking for sound designers to create various sounds for the player to play with.

We are looking to cover the creation of the following sound tones.

  • Clean Electric Guitar
  • Distortion Electric Guitar
  • Electronic Sound Tone
  • Heavy Electronic Sound Tone
  • Clean Piano

Budget will be covered privately.

If interested, please send your resume, a sample of previous work, as well as your budget per song, with estimates on when you’d be delivering a final piece.
E-mail: eugenio [AT] rockhopper.com.mx
Subject: Musical Range - Sound Designer
Discord: Motanum#6622