[PAID][CONTRACT] Senior Lead Programmer, UE5 C++

The Game

I’m hiring a small group to work on a highly replayable, 1-4 player dungeon horror crawler driven by AI narrative. This is a project that already got funding secured (not from Kickstarter) and is ready to hit the ground after many years of research.

Who I am?

I’m a technologist and angel investor, my company is located in London. Most of our work comes from developed advanced AI models for Film, Technology, or Finance, but we are seeing an opportunity in the entertainment space. Merging AI narratives with Games experiences to create a new medium to explore. We just started scratching the surface of what is coming.

Senior Lead Programmer/Level Designer/3D Artist

What I like to see on the applicants:

  • An interest in the dark fantasy genre
  • Strong working knowledge of C++ in Unreal Engine.
  • Proficient coding etiquette, clearly commented and legible code.
  • Strong written communication skills (English).
  • AAA Experience, Delivered Titles

Ideally, you would have a strong understanding within these areas:

  • UE5 C++ and blueprints
  • Multiplayer networking
  • Programming of procedural animation, physics, and rendering techniques
  • Maintaining code, resolving issues, and performing bug fixes.

I’m offering very competitive rates and a long-term approach. Contact me on writing about your previous experience and portfolio.