[PAID/CONTRACT] Seeking first-person-RPG-type animations

Hello talented folks,

The Project
Dark Archon Games is currently looking for someone to do some (indie-priced) first-person animations for our upcoming first release on PC/VR, Blood of Solomon ™.

The Work
We currently don’t have a skeleton (which would just be an arm/arms I guess), so you would supply it or I would reimburse one that was purchased.
The animations would include things like gripping different weapons, different weapon swings, talent + ability casts, picking up / interacting with items in your inventory, and anything else that may come up. There is no tight deadline I’m aiming for, just a progression of animations over time to show the public that work is continuing to be done on every area of the game.

The Talent I’m Hoping For
Since it is a VR game, the first person animations are important, but I also don’t have the money for AAA-production quality animations. Knowledge with IK would be preferred, all the weapons have sockets for which your animation system could interact with, it’d be great for grabbing items from different spots in the inventory. But frankly I’m pretty loose, I’m not going to push for fine quality detail if there’s clipping (unless its extreme, of course), so if you are in a learning-phase feel free to still inquire!

No Previous Work To Show. Screenshots are a bit dated and mostly show scenes and concepts, but you can find some on Dark Archon Games’ Facebook page.

For this posting please Contact me by email at or just message Dark Archon Games on Facebook.
Thanks for reading!

Email Sent

Well we have arms and hands with anims already in the marketplace so we have a ton of experience doing exactly what you’re after her. Just sounds like you need a some custom anims and you’re good to go. We might be able to build on what we already have, provide you that AAA quality without costing an arm and a leg. Hit the quote link in my sig, throw me as much detail as you can and I’ll throw together a plan to deliver the quality in a budget that works for everyone.