[PAID/CONTRACT] Seeking Experienced 3D Modelers (Environment or Character Artists)

Project Title: Task Force

Current State: Alpha Gameplay Footage

  • **PC: Task Force is currently in closed alpha testing; beta testing is coming soon. Early Access is slated for “Early 2018” on Steam. **
  • Console: Task Force is currently in development for Xbox One.

Description: Task Force is a tactical shooter that focuses on close quarters infantry combat. It aims to provide competitive arcade-style gameplay inspired by classic third-person games. Maps will include locations around the world where special operations are conducted. These could be jungles, deserts, urban areas or snowy environments.

Team Name: Tracer Interactive

**Features: **

  • Steam Workshop Integration
  • Competitive Ladders and Tournaments
  • Detailed Stats and Rankings
  • Custom User-Created Lobbies
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Online and Offline Coop
  • Full Controller Support
  • Custom Anti-Cheat

Talent Required:

  • Experienced 3D Modeler
  • Experienced Environment Artist
  • Experienced Character Artist


Email: [EMAIL=“”]
**Discord: **tracerint#5391

Added you on Discord.


Hey, I can cover the position of **3D Modeler and or Environment Artist. Message me if interested and I will send info. **

Are you guys open to working with a team on this? I’ll send an email over and look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

Hey, e-mailed @PS_DiRtY