[PAID/CONTRACT] Russell Stenberg - 3D Animator


  • 3D Studio Max*]Motion Builder*]Maya


  • EA Mythic - 5 years*]CCP Games - 4 years*]Xaviant - 1 year*]Phosphor Studios - 2 months*]Various Startups - 6 months*]Citadel Studios - 3 months

Previous Work:
Warhammer online - Animator
World of Darkness - Cancelled - Animator, Animation Network, Mocap Artist/Technician, Cinematic everything
Lichdom - Animator, Bug eliminator, Cinematic everything, AI designer, Unreal animation blueprint maker guy
Heroes Reborn Gemini and Enigma - Mocap Cleanup, Facial animation, In-game cinematic camera
Shards Online - Rigging, Animating, State Machine, Tool Building.



Additional Information:

  • Can travel.*]My most up to date demo reel contains work from unreleased projects. While I have approval to show the work I have been asked be password protected it. If you are a potential client please contact me for a link and password.

Comments welcome!
Serious replies only please

In-Game reel - Password protected per studios, available upon request

Mocap and facial cleanup

Rigging and Tool Building

I have one month left on my current contract cleaning up motion capture for in-game cinematics in MotionBuilder and doing face animation in Maya. Let the hunt for my next contract begin.

Available to start July 20th 2015.

Serious inquires only please.

Finishing up my current contract in two weeks. Looking to arrange what is next.

Finishing up a short indie contract this week. Looking for whats next? Hit me up if you need an animator and or rigger for long or short term remote contracts. Experience with Max, Maya, Motion Builder.

Rate Negotiable

Hi, I am finishing up a contract this week where I was rigging, animating, writing tools in MaxScript and creating a fully functional state machine system. I’m looking for whats next.

Best contact -

Updated reels in first reply

Looking for my next job