[PAID/CONTRACT/ROYALITY] Level Designer/Props Modeler/Blueprinter


Im searching mostly any proyect to cooperate/work with. Im pretty familiar with:

Blender: Modeling non organic shapes Uv unvraping and basic texturing
Photoshop: Texturing for my models
UE4: Getting Depper in Bp every day and the engine itself, theres alway something new to learn.

Have experience in these areas never profesionally. Mostly like a hobby but now im pretty “broke”
So if You searching for someone Determinated and Probably Talented cantact me and we can see if i could be usefull for you.

If need any extra info contact me at { Put UE4 somwere in the subject so my mail put your message in a special folder :slight_smile: }

ahhh en here comes one of small designs i made for myself. I made it with different purpose but im using in as my signature,
Its isnpired by some logo of an long time ago closed company :frowning: and my love for the norse mythology :slight_smile: