[PAID CONTRACT] [REMOTE] Prototype Development


Our game Avarice is an emotional survival game set in a dystopian future where choices have consequences.


I’m an experienced Producer and have worked on projects including Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

I am founding a new game studio (http://www.vanaheimstudios.com) and have begun forming a small development team.


I am looking to hire someone experienced who can help us get a prototype up and running fast, even if just helping us implement and modify blueprints that we can tweak with narrative and art assets.

Our development plan starts with this first stage of creating a prototype of our core gameplay. The purpose of the prototype is to demonstrate intended gameplay, but it doesn’t need to be playable by anyone outside the team. The end deliverable will be for us to capture video footage that we can use for market research.

After the first contract, there is potential for a second contract to be offered for the development of a playable demo that will be used for playtesting and then (after adequate iteration) for studio fundraising.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to message me on Discord (Romi Jade#2204) or Skype (romi.jade).

If the role sounds interesting, please email romi@vanaheimstudios.com with information about yourself and your resume or portfolio of previous work.

Do you still need a developer?


I have ping you on skype.


I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. Hope to hear back from you.

Thanks everyone for your interest. We have filled the position for now, though I am happy to keep other candidates on record for the future.

I know you said you filled your positions but I just wanted to reach out as one of the “other candidates” you mentioned.

I was late to the Offering, but i am a Highly experienced Low-Poly, Game-Ready Hard-Surface Modeller, with deep knowledge into High-Ploy Organics using 3ds Max displacement modifier using Satellite imagery, and a highly intermediate High-Poly NURMS Vertex-Weight Modeller for Organics.

Obtained over a Decade and a half experience using 3ds Max, Photoshop,via 3DBuzz.com, and (TG it’s YouTube) tutorials on YouTube… Basic Understanding of Mudbox with License; 15+ Years of Music (49-key Novation Launchkey MKII MIDI synth, learned basics of playing actual piano at age 6, kept the hobby as part of my routine) and Foley Experience in FL Studio, and Adobe Audititon(formerly “Fruity Loops” and Cool Edit Pro, respectively) and 15+ years’ Experience in Unreal mapping and modding from 1.0 - 2.x- UDK and getting into UE4 for about 6-8 months now.

I would love to be kept in the retainer roster, i am freelancing in leisure time to gain “pocket-cash” and can make a jump to a Trial-Position’s Contract anytime… i added your tag on Discord, Thanks for the Offer.

Sent discord’s friend request. :slight_smile: