[PAID/CONTRACT/REMOTE] Anders Fray: Level Designer/World Builder, Unreal Integration, Q/A



Hey guys! I thought I would give this “LFW” forum post thing a try, as I am a little out of tune as how best to go about getting remote, contract work. Below is a slightly simplified version of my LinkedIn profile. I can try to reduce the info even more if I overdid it. Please drop a comment/feedback if you have it. It’s important to note that I am currently wrapping up an Architecture degree (already have a Game Art and Design degree), so my working hours will vary. Full-time work is doable, but not necessary.
Thanks for the view/read :wink:


Skype: onefuzzybrain


I am a video game developer who first and foremost loves creating multiplayer levels. I have eight years of professional video game development experience to date. While my passion for games lies in the world building realm, I am constantly building my skill sets in other creative facets of my life: my most recent endeavor includes my near completion of an Architecture degree from Portland State University.

I am currently available and looking for remote world building work in the video game industry. I have experience world building remotely on titles such as Depth and Alone in the Dark: Illumination. I also have internal development experience working at companies such as Liquid Development and SuperGenius. I have a very strong foundation in the traditional arts, while dually having a technical mindset. I always love a challenge!

For the next year I will be connecting with video game developers in the greater Seattle area. I will be moving back to Washington State in summer of 2016 to find an in-house job at a game studio. I hope to connect with potential employers for job interviews throughout the year as I search for a studio that fits me well.


  • Asset integration (Unreal 3 & 4), lightmaps, LOD creation, collision mesh creation
  • Collaborative development with a team of artists and developers in-house
  • Remote, contract development via Skype, Perforce, Subervsion, JIRA, etc.
    - Level design / world building and optimization (Unreal 3 & 4) <------------------ currently looking for work in this field (will accept other types of work if appropriate)
  • Hard-surface modeling and texturing using next-gen techniques
  • Quality assurance and source art management/organization
  • Aesthetic critique and feedback for artists
  • Playtesting and bug fixing

Previous Work:

Title: Helper dude
Company: Digital Confectioners
Game: Depth
Date: January 2015 - April 2015 (4 months)

A couple months doing payed, remote, contract work fixing levels and assets for Depth. Ongoing personal work making a custom multiplayer level of my own.
P.S. I’m going to keep this description ambiguous for the time being. I can discuss my work more in depth (zing!) if there is a serious inquiry for potential work.

Title: Level Designer / World Builder
Company: Pure FPS
Game: Alone in the Dark: Illumination
Date: April 2014 - November 2014 (8 months)

Remote, contract work for Alone in the Dark: Illumination (Atari)
Created cooperative levels inspired by a loosely defined design/concept. Level work consisted mostly of asset placement, landscape sculpting, blocking volumes, and basic optimization (culling, lightmaps).

Title: Level Designer / World Builder
Company: SuperGenius
Game: Forge
Date: April 2012 - April 2013 (1 year 1 month)

Created multiplayer maps using the Unreal III Engine for indie PC game, Forge. Map creation included work such as level design, asset placement, lighting, VFX placement, post-processing, collision volume pass, optimization, playtesting and bug fixing. Collaborated with Forge team to create tutorials to help teach and introduce players to the game mechanics of Forge. Heavy involvement with the Forge community during Alpha and Beta stages of production, and also post-release. Involved self with community to help ensure quality of multiplayer maps. Helped with Unreal asset integration and quality assurance. Fixed issues with assets when needed. Collaborated with World Building Lead to design sets of modular assets for maps.

Title: Lead Artist / Unreal Integration
Company: Liquid Development
Date: October 2007 - May 2011 (3 years 8 months)

Description (games):
Carnival Island (Magic Pixel Games) - skinning
Mafia Wars 2 (Zynga) - modeling, texturing
Dragon Age 2 (Bioware) - modeling, texturing
Tron: Evolution (Propaganda Games) - Unreal integration, modeling
Kinect Adventures (Microsoft Game Studios) - Unreal integration, Unreal level optimization, playtesting/bug-fixing, modeling, Q/A
Damnation (Blue Omega Entertainment) - Unreal integration, Unreal Kismet scripting, playtesting/bug-fixing, model/texture, Q/A

Sent you an invite via Skype.

Bumping to increase exposure. Worked with him before. Does good work.

Bump for this guy. One of the first people to have told me he’d have something by Monday and actually had something by Monday. Quick and good to work with.

Thanks guys. I greatly appreciate the comments :slight_smile: (NO LONGER LOOKING FOR WORK, still searching for future employer though)