[PAID / CONTRACT] Programmer for Character Movement - Very Quick Job

Hi Everyone,

I am an individual currently working on a 2.5D sidescroller in an overall sci-fi genre (I would further describe it more like a sci-fi / fantasy like Star Wars). I am still in very early pre-production, still throwing ideas around and working on the design doc. After almost 20 years dabbling in game design for fun, I believe I’m ready to finally ready to get serious and dedicate the next few years of my free time to designing a game intended to be published. I’m more of an artist than a programmer, so I would rather outsource this task to somebody else to speed things along.

What I’m looking for currently is what I imagine would be some very quick work, and I am willing to pay for it to get done so I can focus on other areas. I am just looking for somebody to modify an existing blueprint system from the Marketplace to my liking - at least, just minor adjustments to the player movement. This is only to help develop a prototype so I can get a better idea of what a finished product may look like (and feel like), and would be helpful to later hire more developers to work on the project on a more long-term capacity. I don’t intend to use anything in this prototype in the final release, it will likely be built from the ground up, but I’m not concerned with that at the moment.

One of my top priorities for the game, if not the top priority, is that it needs to feel fun to play. It’s a sidescroller, so if the player’s movement doesn’t feel fun to play, then why bother playing it?

There’s not much to say about the game at this point due to its infancy, but I’m currently using Marcin’s Sidescroller Shooter Kit Template for the prototype. I’m specifically looking for someone to modify the sprint mechanics to my liking so I can focus on other areas. This may only take an hour of your time to do (or less), but I’m very negotiable on the pay. Please PM me on here if you’re interested and/or have any questions.


TL;DR : I’m willing to pay someone to just modify the player character’s “run/sprint” component in a marketplace blueprint system so I can get a prototype running so I can personally continue with pre-production.

PM has been sent.

Job has been completed!