[PAID CONTRACT] Part-Time UE4 Mentor in GameReady

We are a remote game-development school based in Israel.
We seek for talented UE4 game developers (programmers or level designers) to teach the students in one of the next languages:
English / Hebrew / Russian

Please send your CV and salary expectation to [EMAIL=“jobs@gameready.co.il”]jobs@gameready.co.il if you would like to apply. don’t be shy if you have no teaching experience.


  • English or Hebrew
    You must know at least one of these on good spoken level.
  • Good familiarity with UE4
  • Good understanding of how game development process works overall
  • Good internet connection (that will support screen sharing in real time)

You will teach only the things that you really understand well. We don’t expect you to know EVERYTHING about UE4 or gamedev, so if you are uncertain if you have enough knowledge - contact us and we will check that together.

Our site (in hebrew only) : https://GameReady.co.il
Please send your CV and salary expectation to [EMAIL=“jobs@gameready.co.il”]jobs@gameready.co.il