[PAID/CONTRACT] Need someone that can help with setting up a easy workflow from CAD to UE (Datasmith)


My name is Jeffrey and I’m the creative director at an award-winning creative agency specializing in B2B industrial brands. A lot of times our clients have problems capturing high-end footage of their products. We are looking to build an easy (as automated as possible) workflow so that our clients can send us their CAD files and we can deliver high-end cinematic renders.

Currently, we don’t have anyone on the team who is proficient with Unreal Engine, or Datasmith in order to set this up for us.

We are looking for someone who would like to take on this challenge with us!

You can send your reply to: jeffrey@gobsmacked.agency

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Friendly bump :slight_smile:

Friendly Bump :slight_smile:

Hello Jeffrey,

Nice to e-meet you.

Have you already found a solution to automating CAD to Unreal workflow issue?

We are ProventusNova, a tech startup that offers software development services.

We would love to hear more about your company ant the current requirements and challenges you have so we could see if we would be a good match for you.

Would you be opposed to having short meeting to learn more from you?


Hello @Targavision !

I am an Unreal Engine Generalist, I worked with Datasmith few years back, and it’s not a problem to for me to revisit. I have 10+ years experience within Unreal, worked on project for brands and marketing agencies that required creative solutions, such as this one! 5 years in 3D model developments, pipelines.

I’ve also design “automotive holodeck” few years back for VR - which might interest you since some of the stuff was done through datasmith.

My website is:

Please let me know if this is still actual.