[PAID/CONTRACT] Need music for a an unannounced game.

I’m the lead of a game which still hasn’t been announced yet. I am looking for a someone to make music for the game.

About the Job
I am looking for at least one piece of music for the main menu. I estimate the length to be around 2 minutes, but may depend on the composition. With the option of adding 2 more songs depending of the game state while the player is playing.

If you are contracted, we will have a discussion on discord to talk of ideas, themes, as well as providing you with more information on the game.
I can provide a video of the game as a blank canvas for you to work with or other elements you might need.

-Be able to compose and produce a finalized song to go into the game.
-Have experience creating songs with a variety of moods.
-You won’t be required to implement the songs into UE4. Though knowledge of sound in UE4 is a plus

If you are interested please email me at with the following:
-Payment expected
-Previous work/demos

i’m a french freelance composer ;
for your project and request , any deadline …?
what 's the mood …? fps , puzzle game , rts / tactical …? what kind of music is expected , electronic , rock , hybrid / orchestral …? steampunk , fantasy , jrpg vibe …?

I don’t really have deadlines. Game is pretty finalized but working on detail and polishing. So, I’d like to hear how long it would take you to deliver a piece of music.

The mood is relax/casual. It’s a casual game, something you can play while you are waiting for the matchmaking to Dota, CSGO, Fortnite. So it has to be pleasant and non intrusive, rather than epic, orchestral, or pumped up.

Just an update. The position is still open. To those who sent me an email, I have taken the time to listen to your demos. I will be responding next week with more information on the game to those who took time to send me an email.


An update.

I won’t be taking in any more applications. I got a few emails and I will be now be going through carefully and selecting the composer in the next few days. Feel free to send an email anyways, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll be considered.

Thanks for the interest guys.