[Paid] [Contract] Need blueprint programmer to make a real time spline

Hello, I am the developer of Into The Flames…to_The_Flames/

I am looking to replace my current fire hose spline system with a new, and improved one. I am unable to get in contact with the original creator of it, and it needs to be remade.

Purpose of Spline : To emulate fire hose without actually using physics to save on performance. My game is currently in pre alpha, and I am taking steps to polish the game mechanics.

How it works : Player walks up to area, can grab the hose (spline), and it connects to a point on player, he/she walks away with it, and can connect it to new locations

What I am looking for :

  • Multiplayer Replicated
  • Each End point of the spline can be easily snap-able to new points, with the spline correcting itself
  • Player is able to pick up the spline as he walks back over it
  • connections need to look professional, and clean
  • Able to scale spline width in real time. To simulate fire hose filling with water, as well as to multiple sizes of hoses.
  • As player walks away from spline, it drops new sections of the spline.

Price : $150. Will be paid after satisfactory work is presented.

Below is a video of my current hose system.

All inquires please email me at