PAID/CONTRACT need a developer to help with my game mechanics and other content

Project Name: Kathadia
Genre: sci fi fantasy rpg.
platform: desktop/Laptop client based. possible mobile in the future.
plot: in the far future, planet erol has become ravaged by pollution, and warfare. a young hero (can be male or female and any race) has been genetically altered by aliens and now has the ability to generate clydertron particles and control them. you wake up outside the cave that the laboratory you was indoctrinated is located with no memory of the procedure, you return to civilisation which is still in the midst of a war between the 4 nations only to discover you have strange powers. mutants are drawn to you prompting you to defend your self and the authorities begin to hunt you down as an outlaw, you hide in a space ship to try to avoid the authorities and it lands on an alien world called cyrix. as you continue to run, you infiltrate a large facility on cyrix the main government and discover a terrible truth, cyrix are planning to invade erol. you alert the security forces and come face to face with a member of faceless, a group of special mercenaries and upon seeing your abilities first hand, the member known as orbiter takes you in and offers you a job to join there team. as a unique human with the ability to produce clydertrons, depending on your chosen class you have the ability to use a sword, magic, or guns/bows to defeat your enemies and many organisations and aliens want your power so they can produce machines with infinite power.

Have discord or email to have a better chat?

yes it is DivaTrexa#9168

A friend request has been sent to you from WRKSGames for a discussion on your needs if you want. On Discord :slight_smile:

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