[PAID/CONTRACT] Mecha Mayhem VR Seeks 3D Environment Artist.

Mecha Mayhem VR is an explosive Mech action game for Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and also PC Desktop.

Our team is currently seeking an additional 3D Environment Artist to join us in bringing Mecha Mayhem shooting and blasting to Steam and Oculus.

The ideal candidate should be a 3D Environment Artist or Generalist who loves action and adventure games and is excited by the concept of an awesome Mech game along the lines of Mechwarrior or Battletech. We are looking for a team player who wants to join a friendly and lively team and give their best to making our game a success!

This is a Paid / Contractul position with the opportunity of Royalty payments for the right candidate who gives their best to making our game awesome!

This is a remote position.

**3D Environment Artist

Essential Requirments:

  • **2+ Years Proven Experience of making and texturing 3D models, especially Environment Art for video games. A solid portfolio of 3D work.

  • You should possess an expert knowledge of your chosen 3D Software - One or more of the following: Blender3D / 3DSMAX / Maya / Modo / Cinema4D.

  • You should posses a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (Or an equivalent 3D Image Editing software.) and be experienced in the use of a texturing suite such as: Substance Painter / Quixel Suite / Mari / 3D Coat. A solid understanding of texturing for Physically Based Renderers (PBR).

  • The ability to make optimised Low Poly 3D models with clean topology for current generation video games.

  • The ability to make high quality, highly detailed High Poly models in your chosen 3D Software, or in a sculpting software such as ZBrush or Mudbox.

  • The ability to Bake / Render / Generate high quality Normal Maps - by baking down the High Poly to the Low Poly or by painting Normals in softwares such as Quixel’s NDO.

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4. An understanding of the FBX Import Pipeline and a working knowledge of Unreal’s Material editor.

  • Fluent spoken and written English and a chat headset / microphone for Voice Communications.

**Desired Requirments:

-** Understanding and experience of developing with and creating 3D Models for Virtual Reality. Ownership of a Virtual Reality headset - Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

  • Understanding or experience of Modular Asset creation and it’s application in Level Design.

  • Architectural experience and a good understanding of Scale, and Proportion.

  • Previous experience working on one or more shipped video game title.

We are fundamentally seeking a 3D Environment Artist who wants to join our team and work with us in creating a super exciting and original VR experience!

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To apply for this position please email me DyotoOrion at [EMAIL=“”] Please include a link to your 3D Portfolio or examples of your work.

Peace. :slight_smile:

Sent you an email.

Mecha Mayhem is currently seeking an additional 3D Environment Artist. If you’re a talented 3D Artist and are interested in this position. Please get in touch. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Mecha Mayhem is once again seeking an additional 3D Environment Artist. If you are interested in this position - get in touch! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! This looks like a fun project to work on! I’ve just sent you an email.