[PAID/CONTRACT] - <Major Skillset(s)>3d Artist

<David Ogden Aka LoveTrooper>

<Unreal Egine 4> 1 1/2 year
<Blender> 3 1/2 Years
<Photo shop> 6 1/2 Yesrs
<mud Box> 4 monts
<maya> 4 Monts
<substance painter> Live 4 monts
<can Blueprint scrip>
<3d Character just started> 2 month
<Can concept art> a bit
<PAd and pin>
I specialise in Building you can go inside.

Previous Work:

Arma 3 Mod 3d Modeling 30k poly is the hi



E-mail: <>
Skype: <David Ogden>
Can give more contact info to a studio
Additional Information: I live in Iowa For now Butt i’m starting to look in to moving back to L.A. to
Do 3d modeling Full time. age 38.

Can do 15$ a Hour.
Can travel.For right Job!
Only available 7 days/40 hours a week.
Can only speak english.

open for work again…