[PAID]/[CONTRACT] looking for VFX and 3D artist

Project description:

Survival game in which the player is constantly harassed by waves of hostile robots until he dies or until he reaches the end of the closed map. Through his progression, he will be able to upgrade his gear and weapons, to discover new elements of game play and to learn more about te being of his character.

  • First person shooter, nervous and hardcore experience
  • Dark and violent sci-fi atmosphere, tinged with a bit of madness
  • Solo and cooperation up to 4 players
  • Dynamic and adaptative difficulty system

Team Name:

IUMTEC Project

Team Structure**:**

French company based in Strasbourg, France

Project management, Game & Level Design, 3D Artist - June 2016

Programmation, VFX, Game Design - June 2016

Concept Artist - June 2017

3D Artist - June 2017

Sound Designer - June 2017

Community Manager - September 2017

Previous Work**:**

This is our first marketable project, we did a lot of other prototyping between january 2015 and june 2016 but none of these has the same potential that the thing we do now.
You can still download one of our old project on

Talent Required:

!] We are looking above all for francophone people in order to optimized our team management and administrative matters.
You can still contact us if you don’t meet this requirement but you got any strong interest in our project.

VFX Artist

  • Capable de créer de nombreux effets visuels originaux et variés en utilisant Unreal Engine 4 et son système de particules ou de Blueprints
  • Capable d’optimiser et de gérer l’utilisation des performances par les effets crées
  • Capable de dynamiser l’interface, les menus ou l’HUD par l’utilisation de shaders ou de particules

3D Artist

  • Capable de modéliser, rigger, animer et texturer sous Blender et Unreal Engine 4
  • Capable d’interpréter et d’adapter aux contraintes techniques les concepts visuels qui lui sont donnés
  • Capable d’optimiser les modèles produits et de controller leur utilisation en terme de performance ou d’espace alloué

Dans les deux cas :

  • Créatif, initiateur de nouvelles idées dans la direction artistique et dans les process de production
  • Capable d’apprendre rapidement de nouvelles compétences et de trouver des solutions par lui même aux problèmes rencontrés
  • Motivé avant tout par l’idée de faire partie d’une grande aventure et d’une petite équipe qui essaye de vivre d’une passion commune : le développement de jeux vidéos

Le travail pourra s’effectuer à domicile et nous ne requérons aucunement à nos collaborateur d’habiter sur Strasbourg.


Now we are done with the french part, you can still check our facebook page and follow us on twitter and youtube ! We will soon provide a lot more of info, video or image about our project (and we will find a commercial name for our game, sure thing)


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