[PAID/CONTRACT] Looking for a character designer for a game.


I’ve been working on a game for the past year, the game is quite advanced, but I am not entirely happy with the current main character in it, so I thought I would look for someone to help me out with this.

The game is a casual game, and has simple requirements. The game is in an advanced state. We have a stable Steam build, and you will obtain a Steam key for playing and testing. Game is not public yet, so I will showcase the game privately during interview states.

/////////// JOB ///////////
Your job is to design an animal based character. The character in mind already has some features and characteristics, so you will not be starting from nothing. You’d have some direction from where to start.

You are expected to Design, Model, Texture, and Animate your character. Edit. Also rigging.
I hope to have various texture variations as rewards for progressions.
The animations required are simple.
-1 main idle
-3 or 3 idle variations (short)
-1 jump animation
-1 slide animation (short variations optional)
-1 flying animation (short variations optional)
-1 flying animations with arms spread out.

Exporting-Importing and using animation blueprints in UE4 is not required, but knowledge is a plus.

/////////// INTERESTED? ///////////
If you are interested to learn more about my project, please contact me with the following information
-Portfolio of other characters you have created. Animal characters is a plus.
-Expected rate for the job.
Send it to eugenio.motanum91 AT

We can arrange a discord chat, where I can stream and show you the project in it’s current state.

Thank you for reading.

Edit. Added rigging to the list of job. Forgot to list it with the initial post.

Hey there, when you say the character has some 'features and characteristics" do you mean some 2D concepts and a GDD outline of what the character will be doing? Cheers!