[Paid / Contract] Looking for 3D Environment and SpeedTree Vegetation Artists for our Medieval Fantasy RPG

Project Description:
On an isolated island tormented by monsters and magical horrors, a shipwreck survivor must quell an ancient god who threatens to rise again and wipe out the island’s inhabitants.
We’re working on a medieval fantasy RPG project.
With Unreal Engine 5 finally available in Early Access, we’re looking to scale up our Environment Art team!
The Gothic II and The Witcher 3 games are the main inspiration for this game, so knowing them, or even being a fan of them is obviously an advantage, but by no means required.

Talent Required:
Remote Freelance 3D Environment Artist
Job description:

Remote Freelance SpeedTree Vegetation Artist
Job Description:

We’re looking for volunteer, regular and lead artists.
Please specify in your application Email to which position you’re applying for, based on your skill level in the required software and industry experience.

For the regular and lead roles please include your freelancer payrate in your Email.
Volunteers get paid 50$ / month to cover their software licensing costs.