[PAID/CONTRACT] FX/Particle Artist required for established PC Strategy game.


I’m the Art Director at Slitherine Games Ltd and am currently looking for an FX/Particle Artist to create a range of Unreal 4 based combat effects for a PC strategy game.

The current list stands at 45 effects covering the gamut of rifle fire, rail guns, naval batteries, rocket salvoes etc. and their resulting explosions. It’s important that the FX fit the WW2 theme and work for the smaller scales of this style of game. We need someone with experience who’ll work closely with myself and the programmers to ensure successful integration.

With us going into the Christmas break we’re not looking for someone to start straight away but will send out a list of FX to potential applicants and request a quote and samples of previous work. We would hope work would start later in January but are flexible. Your contract would be with Slitherine.

Please reply to this message or PM with contact and portfolio details. Applicants without a suitable or relevant portfolio of some kind can not be considered


Cheers and good luck,

Patrick Ward