[PAID/CONTRACT] Experienced C++ Developers (New Gaming Technologies)

Project Title:
UE4 C++ Plugin and Project Developer (Remote Acceptable)

We are looking for experienced and interested C++ developers to help us build plugins and work on UE4 experiences involving new technologies. This includes 3D displays, haptic devices, hand-tracking and eye-tracking technologies, XR, and more. We are looking for experienced developers that are capable of working with external C++ libraries as well as UE4 specific libraries.
This work is on a contracting basis with potential for full-time employment.

Remote work is fine.

If you are interested, please contact the email below with your resume, portfolio, github, and any other relevant information you think we should know. We’re also not opposed to you sending a funny meme or cat video :smiley:

Team Name:
Geodesic Games

Talent Required:
Badass C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripting

  • Experience developing C++ plugins in UE4
  • Understanding of UE4 engine code architecture and tech stack
  • Experience with custom engine modifications
  • Familiar with UE4 specific modules
  • Comfortable tackling unsolved problems
  • Interest in working with the newest gaming tech
  • Passion for Unreal Engine and new technology
  • Likes to have a good laugh


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]