[PAID/CONTRACT] "Confidential"

Project Title:

We’re looking for additional Unreal Engine artists, programmers, and developers to join our team in upcoming projects. It’s easiest if you apply directly on our website using our career application form.

Team Name:
Bad Rhino Games LLC

Talent Required:
Rather than make this post lengthy, we’ve included the available positions below:

Critical Notes**:**
Bad Rhino Games is an independent development studio, as such it’s important that you are comfortable with the following:

  • Working remote
  • Managing your own time and deliverables
  • You must possess all necessary hardware/software outlined on our careers page


Studio Head: Ryan Manning
Twitter: @badrhinogames](

Hi Ryan,
Are you open to working with Art Studios at this time?

Any chance you are willing to use Discord for contact?

I have years of experience as both a technical artist and as a programmer. I applied through your website and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.