[PAID] [CONTRACT] Character Animator


Rob Thomas here, Visual and Interactive Producer for YouTube channel, MrSuicideSheep. I am looking to connect with a Character Animator well versed within Unreal for a long-term and unique project we can’t wait to reveal publicly towards the tail end of 2022. This is a PAID role.

We will be working on two original, already rigged 3D characters primarily for short form Cinematics. These characters were created in partnership with Envar Studio (Atey Ghailan), and modelled by Dan Eder. I will be able to provide further details at the next stage of conversation.

Currently, we are building a foundational library of animation for both characters (solo and together) that will be blended within Unreal Sequencer. Over time this foundation will grow to incorporate more complex sequences and loops.

Your Role may include:

  • Creating Original Animation Loops/Sequences
  • Retargeting Existing/Stock Animation when necessary
  • Implementing Unreal’s IK Rig and actioning for Sequencer for both Characters
  • Cleanup and Optimising when necessary
  • Providing assistance on original mocap takes when necessary
  • Acting as a consultant in regards to best practice

It is important to note that I’m happy to work with your schedule, and can be flexible. This role is remote and can be actioned from anywhere in the world.

Plenty more to discuss, but feel free to send me an email directly over at talktome@mrsuicidesheep.com with a link to your portfolio and/or personal projects and we can take the discussion from there if viable.

All the best,

Rob Thomas - Visual & Interactive Producer, MrSuicideSheep.