[PAID/CONTRACT] Blueprint Experts & Unreal Engine Experts believing in VR

Virtual Reality Showroom - Create the future of retail


Be a part of our exciting project team, shaping the future of retail. We are building the future of how people are going to shop inside Virtual Reality. Are you excited about the potential of shopping inside Virtual Reality? Would you like to work with a team of world class developers and be a pioneer of this new industry? Then join our team.

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  • Shaping the UI for shopping inside Virtual Reality
  • Creating photorealistic virtual environments
  • Envisioning the perfect User Experience for the future of e-Commerce

Team Name:
Innoactive Digital Realities GmbH

Current Team Structure:

  • product manager
  • contracted C++ Programmer
  • contracted Blueprint Scripting Expert
  • part-time blueprint programmer
  • handful of all purpose programmers
  • full time 3D Artist

Previous Work:
We’ve already done plenty of work for and with high-profile companies on a global scale in the area of VR and are happy to discuss any results personally and confidentially with you.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer / Requirements

  • ability to tackle problems with the engine regarding the integration of VR specific input / output (e.g. headsets + controllers)
  • experience with fixing bugs / adding features for UE4
  • experience with good software architecture
  • experience with cleanly exposing features as blueprints

Blueprint Expert / Requirements

  • experience with creating photorealistic environments
  • desire to create realistic and engaging animations
  • experience with custom user interfaces and - best-case - VR interfaces
  • clean and reusable blueprint scripting style
  • knowledge about when to hack and when to engineer