[PAID][CONTRACT] 3D Side Scroller MVP Prototype

I’m looking for help to develop some base mechanics for a 3D side scroller prototype.

The base mechanics will be split into 2: Movement and Camera
[FONT=Arial Black]Running

    • Running Speed is variable
    • Aceleration enabled is boolean
    • Aceleration is variable*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Jump
    • Jump Height is variable*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Crouching
  • *Crouch Walking enabled is boolean
    Crouch Walking speed is variable
    [FONT=Arial Black]Slide
    ** Slide Speed is variable
    • Speed deceleration is variable*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Slide under obstacles
      ** Will keep on sliding until character clears obstacle*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Wall Slide
      ** Speed Sliding down wall is variable
    • Amount of time that can hold onto wall is variable*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Wall Jump
      ** Jump Angle from wall is variable*
      [FONT=Arial Black]Jump on Ledge
      Ledge Climb
    • Can choose to drop down to ledge, hang onto the ledge or climb ledge*

More mechanics will be added later, but for now this will do for a MVP

Camera follow player if they move beyond a certain threshold in X and Y direction
So the camera is not directly bolted to the player

No Animation model is provided at the moment, so the character can be a very simple box

If it makes a difference I’d like these mechanics to be made in UE4 blueprint.
I’d like an idea on how much making such mechanics would cost.