[PAID CONTRACT] 3D Character Artist for Low-Poly Character Models in UE4

We are looking for a 3D character artist to modify and add detail to our low-poly character models.

We have 9 characters that need to be adjusted. The base of these characters is from Synty assets (https://syntystore.com/). Their outfits need to be modified, faces need more detail and bodies need to be more high-poly.

Please DM me your portfolio if you’re interested.

Hello, I am interested in this job offer, I want to talk about the details here is my portfolio.

i have worked with these kind of things you can check the attachments i have done
and here is my portfolio Artstation


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I am a skilled 3D character artist and I am excited to work on modifying and adding detail to your low-poly character models. I have experience in character design and sculpting, and I understand the importance of enhancing the outfits, faces, and bodies to create more realistic and visually appealing characters.

I have reviewed the Synty assets you provided and I am confident that I can effectively modify the outfits of the characters to suit your requirements. Additionally, I will add more intricate details to the faces, giving them a higher level of realism and expression. Moreover, I will increase the polygon count in the bodies to achieve a more refined and smoother appearance.

I am proficient in various 3D modeling software and sculpting tools, which will enable me to accomplish the task efficiently and deliver top-notch results. My goal is to ensure that the modified characters meet your expectations and align with your project vision.

If you have any specific references or design guidelines, please feel free to share them with me. I am open to revisions and will work closely with you to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s collaborate on this exciting project. I am eager to start working on the characters and bringing them to life with enhanced details and modifications.

Looking forward to hearing from you and discussing further details.

Best regards,
Puneet Sharma