[PAID//CONTRACT] 3D Artwork for a casual game

Project Title:

3rd person game in which the player character navigates a tile-based map filled with traps in the style of minesweeper. Launch platform will be PC/Win10, if this works Android/iOS may follow.

Team Name:
Jubeco GmbH based in Germany

Our day job is IT security consulting. At night we develop games.

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist or 3D Artist

  • This is a casual game. We are looking for a light and possibly stylized theme.

  • We need at least two characters (one male, one female) that are rigged to the standard Epic skeleton. You are free to flesh out the design: a cute robot, a human character, etc.

  • We already have a full set of locomotion animations, but we need 2 additional animations:

  • character rejects to step on a tile, because there is a trap, e.g. character puts a toe on the tile, pulls it back and shakes his/her head.

  • character picks up a cake (the goal of each level) and celebrates, e.g. eats it, gives a thumb up, whatever.

  • We need a set of 12 unique environments surrounding the playing area, that match the character design. Some cogs and tools in a workshop, or some cows on a grass field.

  • We need one detailed asset: the tiles which make up the playing area. They should also match the character and environment design.

  • We would like to finish this within 4 weeks. If you need more time this is negotiable.


2000 Euros (about $2179), you may add VAT if you are entitled to do so.

Your next step**:**

Please send us some work you have done and some ideas or sketches as a proposal for our game.
If you have any questions regarding requirements or details of the game, please feel free to contact us.


This work will be 100% remote